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  All words and music are copyrighted by the performing artists. Produced by Terry Bacon.

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 Terry Bacon  Monica Serra  

Terry Bacon and Monica Serra are now writing and performing music with the band, 7Stories. Their album "7Stories", released in August of 2011 is now available on GESSO Records through iTunes,, CDbaby and other online music retailers.

  Terry Bacon (Words & Music unless noted)

Night Terrors © (Bacon,Serra)

Rhymes with Ack © (Bacon)

Thank You © (Bacon)

A-Train Speeder © (Bacon)

Atlantis © (Bacon)

On My Time © (Bacon,Serra)

Broken © 

The Mountain © (Bacon,Serra)

When You Died © (Produced by Bacon, Allen-Muller)

When You're Not Around (hhmmmhhmmm) © (Bacon,Serra)

Hang Loose, Zeus (My Finger Hurts) ©

I'll Remember ©

Unspoken Words ©

Love You The Hard Way ©

The Rise and Fall of Emotions ©

Winter Silks ©

Incident at the Hot House ©

  Monica Serra

Starry Night © (Serra, Bacon)

Poison (Sacred) © (Serra, Bacon)

Lay Down ©  

Summer ©  

Open Sky ©

I Look for You ©


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